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Nowa Doba – Stara Šula

sorbian hip-hop

"Nowa Doba - Stara Šula" (New Time - Old School) is the name of the first Sorbian hip-hop album. The title is to be understood programmatically. It also refers to the name of the band "Nowa Doba", to which Florian Kießlich (FloJ), Pětr Dźisławk (Lil Handrij) and Syman Hejduška (SMAN) belong. The result is a total of 13 new songs, partly using already existing songs (sampling). The young trio was supported by guests such as singer Greta Čórlichec, the groups Trojozynk, Přezpólni and Wólbernosće, speaker Beno Bělk and many others.

Serbska Reja

Kikerahi 2

Sorbian children songs

The songbook with CD “Kikerahi, biło je tři” was published back in 2004, but even today. It is bought with pleasure. Now Leńka Thomasowa has compiled another 33 songs from the songbook for the second CD from which 18 songs have been instrumentally arranged and re-recorded. Children from Sorbian day-care centers in Bautzen, Crostwitz, Malschwitz, Rohne and Räckelwitz as well as students from SZŠ Bautzen and the after-school care center in Panschwitz-Kuckau participated.

Serbska Reja

Rjana Łužica – Rědna Łužyca

Sorbian anthem

On the recording you can hear the Sorbian hymn in Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian and German language versions. A new arrangement by Oksana Weingardt for chamber orchestra was recorded with students of the Dresden University of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” and other musicians. The part of the vocal soloist was taken over by Gerald Schön. The CD serves on the one hand to document the Sorbian hymn, and on the other hand to encourage people to sing along. The instrumental version can be used for this purpose.

Serbska Reja

Bjarnat Krawc

Piano music – Erika le Roux

This edition presents all the important piano works by Bjarnat Krawc. The recordings have been made on the basis of the scientifically prepared music volume of the same name, which was published in 2018. Thus the complete edition of the Piano Music of Bjarnat Krawc is available in sheet music and on record. The well known pianist Erika Le Roux sets high artistic standards with her interpretation.

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Three songs from the collection


Serbska Reja

Oratorij Hrodźišćo

A joint project of the Sorbian National Ensemble and the 1st Sorbian Cultural Brigade

With the oratorio “Hrodźišćo” (Engl. “The Castle Wall”), Martin Wetzlich has achieved what he set out to do a long time ago, namely to compose an oratorio for all generations. The result is a work in four parts that sounds entirely like him. The texts describe the migration of the Slavic peoples 1300 years ago. Wetzlich created the music to the lines of the 15 songs in total, referring to the characteristic castle walls of the Slavic ancestors.

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Klawěr & brewěr

Měrćin Weclich

On this CD Měrćin Weclich presents us his breviary; a selection of songs and ballads from the last thirty years of his work. The breviary includes well-known and popular titles, which reflect the diversity of popular music in the most varied timbres. The result is a portrait of a composer and singer who still knows how to touch and inspire young and old.

Serbska Reja

Carpe noctem – Infinite night

sorbian pop opera

The musical-dramatic experience of the Sorbian Youth Association Pawk e.V. and the music collective "Trio a Kumple" in September of the year 2021. Fresh songs and classics of young Sorbian musicians accompany the impressive story of two young people, who both in their own way search for the right life in the nights.

Serbska Reja

Serbska rapsodija

Sorbian Chamber Music for violin and piano

This new edition of Sorbian chamber music presents works by Bjarnat Krawc, Jurij Winar, Jan Rawp and the German composer Hugo Raithel. Compositions were compiled that are hardly known today or, although popular, are no longer accessible. Newer works by Jan Thiemann and Ulrich Pogoda complete the selection. The masterful interpretation was provided by Anett Baumann (violin) and Liana Bertók (piano).

Serbska Reja

Serbska Reja – Traditional Sorbian Dance Music

Traditional Sorbian dance music

The association Serbska reja presents with this CD dance melodies from the last three centuries. They all originate from the Sorbian / Wendish Lausitz.

Serbska Reja

Swět za durjemi – The world behind the door

Radio play for the whole family with music and songs

What a non-everyday visit! Just imagine: Little Měrka is with her grandmother and wants her to finish telling her the fairy tale. But mother says that this is not possible, because grandmother is in a coma. However, when Měrka opens the bedroom door, she is suddenly in another world.

Hory módre

Hory módre,
ja was znaju

Popular Sorbian songs

The CD presents well-known and classic Upper Sorbian songs that enjoy lasting popularity. The publishers would like to fulfil the wishes of many Sorbs and lovers of Sorbian music.

MDR Serbja

MDR SERBJA 2018 – Hej Łužica

Sorbian pop music

The sorbian broadcast has published a new CD with sorbian pop music together with the foundation for the sorbian people.

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